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haji noor deen

On October 31, 2009, Haji Noor Deen Mi Guangjiang, the world-renowned (Chinese Muslim Master Calligrapher, would make this more distinguished, because not everyone does both) Arabic calligrapher, formally inaugurated the Chinese House for the Arts of Islamic Arabic Calligraphy (Chinese: Guang Ji De Studio), in Zhengzhou in the Henan Province of China. Planning and preparation for the Chinese House have been extensive, since the initial conception in December 28, 2000. 
As the only academic organization of its kind dealing with Arabic calligraphy in China, the Chinese House acquires traditional Chinese manuscripts and calligraphic works of the Holy Quran and trains professional calligraphers around the world in the "Sini" Chinese style of Arabic calligraphy. Further, this institution also studies the origins, historical development, and stylistic trends of the Sini masters and their exceptional calligraphy.  It collaborates with museums, universities, research centers, international conferences, and galleries to present calligraphy exhibitions, lectures, and workshops. The Chinese House provides services such as Islamic-themed art and home decorations, design consultations, and participation in world-wide Arabic calligraphy functions and events. 
The Chinese House for the Arts of Islamic Arabic Calligraphy aims to improve our national and cultural aesthetic. This, in turn, leads to a harmonious society by promoting beautiful Chinese traditional works of art. We hope in this way to strengthen the communication and friendship between China and Arabic countries.

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